Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breakfast Goodies

In addition to all sorts of sweets and savory breads (focaccia, whole grain loaves, rolls, etc.), I also make a myriad of breakfast goodies. I happen to bake many different flavors of muffins and scones that are very flavorful, lower in fat than most varieties, whole grain (unless you don't like whole grains, and then I can use white flour), and reduced sugar. Prices are available on request.

Some of the muffin flavors I have in my repertoire are:
~Blueberry-Maple (sweetened entirely with maple syrup, no refined sugar, and are whole grain, with flax)
~Cinnamon Streusel (whole grain, applesauce instead of oil)
~Bran (applesauce instead of oil, made from whole wheat flour and wheat bran...NOT cereal! These are my 6 year old's favorite muffins.)
~Cranberry Orange (whole grain, oats, orange glaze)
~Morning Glory (organic carrots, apple, oats, currants, sweetened with maple syrup, 100% whole grain, no refined sugar!)
~Banana Bran (whole grain, fresh bananas, and a few mini chocolate chips for fun. Toasted, chopped walnuts or hazelnuts are optional)
~Lemon Poppyseed (can be made whole grain if desired, bright organic lemon flavor, fresh lemon glaze)

Some of the scone flavors are:
~Bacon and Asiago Cheese
~Dark Chocolate Cherry
~Blueberry Lemon
~Cinnamon Filled
~Oat and Currant
~Eggnog-Oat with a Whiskey Glaze (seasonal)

I also make homemade granola, available in just about any flavor you can desire. My version uses less oil than most, and is sweetened with a touch of honey (but not too much!). I can add whatever nuts and fruit you like. I use whole grain oats, flake coconut, and sliced almonds for a base, and other fruits and nuts are added in after the granola has baked. $4-5 each, depending on the flavor(s), 11 oz pkg (about 5 half cup servings). Some examples are:
~Apple Cinnamon
~Tart Cherry with Guittard Dark Chocolate Mini Chips
~Tropical (tropical dried fruits and macadamias)
~Trail Mix (which consists of a bunch of different dried fruits and nuts...raisins, currants, walnuts, etc.)

If you'd like to turn my homemade granola into Protein Bars, just give me advance notice and I'll be happy to make a batch up! These are chock full of soy protein powder, tofu, peanut or almond butter (optional), farm fresh eggs, are 100% whole grain, and very lightly sweetened. They make a wonderful snack for children (my son loves to have one when he's wrestling or as an occasional after school snack) and freeze exceptionally well to have as a grab-and-go meal substitute. My husband even likes to eat them straight from the freezer! Added chocolate chips are optional. $1.50 each for a snack size, or $2.75 each for the standard size (comparable to a Power Bar). Or, order a whole batch (8 lg/16 snack size) for $20.

Let The Games Begin!

Jordan Rainwater, of Belweather Farm, hosted a Treat and Greet for me to showcase some goodies this afternoon, and to give people a chance to ask questions and sign up. Below are some of the edibles I made for this event, all of which can be recreated (in larger sizes as well) for special orders!

Mini Fromage Blanc Cheesecakes with a Huckleberry Swirl (lighter than typical versions of cream cheese cheesecakes), and mini Chocolate Cream Pies with a Caramel Drizzle.

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Mocha Ganache.

Meringue Puffs (with naturally colored pink sanding sugar).

Asiago Cheese Twists

Not shown: mini cardamom-lime sweet rolls, my special protein bars, and focaccia with garlic scape pesto.