Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 1, Feb. 1

This baking day is the first of the second CSB session! Thank you for supporting me (or continuing to support me, if you're a returning member)!

Most people probably don't consider a cinnamon roll as a dessert item, choosing it as a sweet treat for breakfast instead. While my own family certainly enjoys these gooey confections in the morning from time to time, I tend to classify them more as a dessert. Butter, sugar, and refined flour typically make classic cinnamon rolls so enjoyable, but why can't they be a bit healthier and still taste good too?
When I make cinnamon rolls for my family, I make them 100% whole grain. I use two types of very strong cinnamon, and give them an overnight rise in the refrigerator to allow the flavors to become more complex. (This step also saves me quite a bit of time the next morning!) While they still give us a sugar kick, they offer all the nutrition of whole grain oats and whole wheat flour. Sweet rolls made with refined flour tend to taste best the day they're made, but my whole grain versions incorporate such ingredients as honey and potato flour, making them great keepers for a few days. Just warm them slightly to increase the gooey-ness factor!

For those of you who love traditional sticky buns, or who might prefer the taste of more traditional sweet rolls, I am also including a refined flour version. Toasted pecans and a hint of cinnamon are rolled into buttery sweet yeast dough, and then smothered in my homemade caramel sauce. This definitely has to qualify as a dessert! Of course, feel free to enjoy any of these rolls for breakfast, as a mid morning or afternoon snack, or after dinner.


~Dark & Dangerous Cinnamon Rolls (100% whole grain)
~Apple-Currant Buns (100% whole grain)
~Caramel Pecan Rolls