Gourmet Dining Event Consulting

If you have high ingredient standards for what you eat, but lack the time necessary to plan and execute a successful, impressive event, consider having Bonnie help you out!

~Custom Menus
~Farm to Table Style Ingredients
~Locally Sourced, Organic, Freshly Prepared Foods
~Artful Presentation
~Baking Classes
~More Affordable than Catering

Call Bonnie at 541-891-6461 (cell) or 541-273-1036 (home) today for your personal consultation!  Bonnie will work with you to create a fantastic, memorable dining event!

Here's How It Works:

1.  First Meeting is FREE (phone or in person).  Please have an idea of guest count; a list of known allergies, likes, and dislikes available; event date, time, and location; party theme (if applicable), and any other pertinent information at hand.

Build-your-own sandwiches on freshly baked Artisan Bread.
2.  $40 booking fee includes:
a)  A rough menu draft, which we will revise and taper/expand as needed
b)  Host's date saved on Bonnie's calendar
c)  All event food shopping time (groceries are extra)

3.  Host pays Bonnie $17-20/hour for in-kitchen food prep, set up, etc.  Bonnie comes to your kitchen (or provided venue kitchen) and becomes your own personal chef for the day, following the menu you helped design.  Host is responsible for grocery costs for menu ingredients (Bonnie is always diligent about looking for the best value while still providing an outstanding, quality finished product).  Bakery items are subject to standard fees (see note, below).

Cost Analysis Example (approx. 24 guests, see menu at the bottom of the page)):
$40 booking fee
3 hours kitchen/set up time @ $17/hr, $51
Artisan Bread, $5
1 dozen gourmet cupcakes, baked and delivered to site, $60
Total for event:  $156

4.  Travel expenses are additional, if host's event is located outside of Klamath Falls.

Please note:
For safety reasons, host (you) must be connected in some way to Bonnie, or someone Bonnie knows personally.

Small events (up to 10 guests) will be charged $20 per hour.  Larger events will be charged $17/hour.  Bonnie works best with intimate groups, and is happy to share her knowledge and baking skills with you and your guests.  Gratuities are not necessary, but always appreciated.

$40 booking fee is a general amount for basic events.  More extravagant affairs may be higher.

Bonnie must do the shopping for your party's ingredients.  This is to ensure the quality and local sourcing that she is so well known for.  This makes it so much easier for YOU too…no running around to so many suppliers and farms!  She takes care of it all.

A working, acceptable kitchen is essential for hands-on food prep.  Bonnie is well versed in improvisation, but we will have to arrange for an acceptable work space (even in the outdoors, Bonnie is great at creating Dutch oven baked goods and farm to table style camping meals!).  We can work out these details in your initial consultation.

Bonnie has a domestic kitchen licensed for BAKED GOODS.  She does not have a catering license, which is why certain foods must be prepared on site, at the host's venue or home.  Baked goods provided for the party will be made just ahead of delivery and charged at her normal rates (cupcakes, scones, breads, marshmallows, etc).  General appetizer and meal prep falls under the guidelines above.

Please call for more info.  Bonnie LOVES to create amazing, impressive spreads that guests talk about long after the party ends, and she wants to help you pull off an amazing affair!  Even if you just need a menu written up for inspiration, she can help with that!

~Apricot Goat Cheese Jewel Bites (local goat cheese, dried organic apricot, crushed pistachios)
~Organic Veggie Tray with Cultured Herb Dip (farm fresh veggies, local, organic dairy)
~Fresh, Seasonal Fruit Tray or Salad
~Grass Fed Beef Meatballs (local, grass fed beef, handmade sauce)
~Shrimp Shooters (shot glasses with handmade cocktail sauce featuring local horseradish, Oregon bay shrimp, local microgreens)
~Artisan Bread (served with local, organic olive oil and local pomegranate balsamic for dipping)
~Chocolate Dipped Organic Strawberries (featuring organic, local Lillie Belle chocolate)
~Gourmet Cupcakes (custom flavor)
~Locally Roasted Coffee
~Peach Bellinis (champagne, lemon lime soda, or sparkling water with pureed organic, local peaches for mixing in)
Bonnie's famous Flourless Chocolate Cake, served with locally grown, organic spring strawberries and whipped créme fraîche.
Assorted Mini Tea Sandwiches.  
Custom Cupcakes.

Whole grain pizza with morels, wild asparagus, fresh basil pesto, and mozzarella.  Local napa cabbage Asian salad.  Catered for the Whole Grain Baking Retreat at the Crystalwood Lodge.

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