Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 8, Nov. 30

Cupcakes are a delight in so many ways. I was able to make several varieties for CSB members to sample this week! I am constantly inspired to create new cake flavors, so each box will contain six different varieties to try! It's kind of like receiving a box of truffles...only better because it's CAKE!

Included in each cake box is one cupcake of each flavor, totaling six delicious gems:

~Mexican Hot Chocolate (spiced chocolate cake, spiced whipped ganache, homemade mini marshmallows)

~White Chocolate Blueberry (white chocolate cake, blueberry filling, white chocolate buttercream, subtle hint of ginger)*

~Lemon Drop (lemon cake, fresh lemon buttercream, homemade candied organic lemon peel)
~Plain Jane (vanilla cake, vanilla bean French buttercream, naturally colored sprinkles)

~Chocolate-Orange (chocolate cake, fresh orange buttercream, chocolate shavings)

~Gourmet Hostess Delight (vanilla cake, French buttercream filling, smooth mocha ganache)

If you wish to save some cupcakes for later, they will freeze well, although the frosting may get squished upon defrosting. Place them in the freezer until frozen solid. Wrap well in plastic wrap (individually) and then place in a zip top baggie and freeze up to one month. To defrost, place one, still wrapped, in a lunch box or on the counter about one hour. Cupcakes are best eaten on the day they're made, but will last, stored in their bakery box, up to three days at room temperature.

*A note on the blueberries used for the White Chocolate Blueberry cupcake.... I canned pie filling last summer from fresh Oregon berries and used that as a filling. I REALLY wanted to garnish each cupcake top with a fresh blueberry, but I couldn't bring myself to buy the outrageously expensive organic berries imported from Chile (that are distributed out of Florida and then flown to the west coast to be sent to local grocery stores). So I had to make due with dried blueberries.
Chocolate-Orange Cupcake
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcake
Blueberry White Choclate Cupcake
& Hostess Delight Cupcake
Lemon Drop Cupcake
& Plain Jane Cupcake

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Strawberry Poppyseed Cupcakes
(poppyseed cake, strawberry filling,
whipped cream icing, local berry.
Special orders for cakes are super popular, so this post should help address any questions you may have.  I can do many different designs, so please don't be limited by the few examples that are featured on this site! This is just a springboard for our imaginations to dream up delicious flavor combinations and fun designs. The flavors and texture of my cakes and icings are what sets mine apart from anyone else's. As with my other baked goods, I use only the highest quality ingredients. If you're considering ordering a cake, cupcakes, or mini cupcakes, please give me a call so we can discuss what would be perfect for your event. (541-273-1036) More cake examples may be found here, here, and throughout the site.  Please click on the Custom Cakes and Cupcakes tab at the top of the page for pricing and flavor ideas.

Assorted holiday cupcakes.

Custom beach-themed
fondant-covered 2 layer cake
with handmade gumpaste decors.

6-inch orange cake,
raspberry mousse filling,
French buttercream,
marshmallow fondant,
handmade gum paste poinsettia.

Three tiered wedding cake.  Assorted strawberry-themed layers,
French buttercream icing,
handmade marshmallow fondant ribbon,
organic berries from Fresh Green Organics (local),
berry toppers from Shari's Berries online.

White chocolate cake,
chocolate hazelnut filling,
white chocolate French buttercream,
marshmallow fondant holiday decors.
Chocolate cake,
peanut butter-chocolate ice cream filling,
whipped ganache,
all-natural PB cups.
Chocolate cupcake,
salted bourbon caramel buttercream,
chocolate marshmallow fondant decors.

Chocolate cake,
peppermint ice cream filling,
vanilla French buttercream,
crushed peppermint candy cane.
Vanilla cupcakes,
vanilla creme filling,
mocha ganache.
Chocolate cake,
chocolate-hazelnut filling,
vanilla French buttercream,
toasted hazelnuts.

Chocolate cake, ganache, French buttercream, more ganache, organic berry.

Left: Lemon cake,
lemon mousse,
lemon French buttercream,
all-natural pink food coloring.
Right: German Chocolate Cake.
White cake,
whipped creme fraiche,
fresh sliced organic strawberries,
vanilla French buttercream,
handmade black fondant decors.
6-inch, 4 layer moist lemon cake,
homemade organic lemon curd filling, lemon French buttercream (with just a hint of ginger), handmade candied lemon slices and candied ginger for decoration.

 Custom 1/4 sheet cake.
Ladybug themed cupcakes (vanilla bean, gluten-free).
Chocolate cupcake,
fresh organic raspberry cream
cheese icing,
edible silver dragees.

Chocolate cake,
vanilla French buttercream,
 crushed all natural
chocolate sandwich cookies.

Custom 1/4 sheet cake. 
Chloe asked for red, blue, and lots of M&Ms!
Chocolate cake, vanilla creme and m&m filling,
chocolate American buttercream.

A small 2 layer, 6-inch cake to celebrate
a little boy's Tae Kwon Do yellow belt achievement!
For a lucky 4 year old's birthday party!  She requested Hello Kitty, a rainbow, pink and purple, and chocolate and bananas.  Both cakes were chocolate, filled with whipped creme fraiche, sliced bananas, and a drizzle of caramel, and iced with vanilla French buttercream.  All decors are handmade and edible!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 6, Nov. 9

I have always found it somewhat entertaining to look through cookbooks, especially when I'm visiting friends or family. Never having time to go to bookstores and peruse the selection, it's nice to have a moment to sit down and read some of the more quality ones out there, versions that people have picked up as gifts or purchased in their quest to become better bakers or home chefs. My sister has some fabulous baking books, from which she has created some wonderful treats for us when we've had the opportunity to stay a few days. On our last trip north, however, she was tied up with work and was unable to spend the time making desserts.

One evening of our visit we were informed that our cousins would be dropping by sometime later. Because my sister was working and my family was camped out in her new house, I thought it would be nice to have something sweet to offer our guests. As my husband tidied up the living room, I pulled down a cookie book I hadn't seen before and found a recipe for a soft chocolate sandwich variety with a peanut butter filling that looked easy enough. They were fabulous, disappearing quickly (I actually had to kind of hide them until our guests arrived), and I jotted down the recipe to share with CSB members.

By using dark, natural cocoa powder in the cookie and different filling flavors, I came up with a few tasty variations on the originals. I also made up a batch of seasonally delightful pumpkin cookies, filling them with a ginger buttercream. These cookies are best served at room temperature (no need to refrigerate them). If you'd like to freeze some to enjoy later on, wrap each one in plastic wrap and store the wrapped cookies in a zip-top baggie in the freezer. Toss them in a lunchbox in the morning and they'll be defrosted and ready to eat by lunchtime!

Flavor Combinations:

~Chocolate-Peanut Butter
~Chocolate-Vanilla Bean
~Spiced Pumpkin-Ginger