Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 Fall CSB, Week 1

Thank you for participating in this round of the CSB!  This month marks FIVE years of me baking for share members!  How fun!  I sure appreciate your support.  This baking club (and special orders) allow me to "stay home" with my kids and try to maintain some level of sanity in our insanely busy lives (I used quotations there because I am rarely home with my children, instead running them from activity to activity when they're not in school!), while also giving me a creative outlet that helps provide a little extra income for our family.

The best way to kick of this new session is with Cannoli!  I have written our cannoli story before, so will instead focus this post on the ingredients that set mine apart from so many others (click the highlighted text to read why I started making cannoli in the first place, and for details on what makes my ricotta so special!).

With pumpkins coming into season, it's the perfect time to share the special Pumpkin Spice Cannoli.  I use a fluffy ricotta base, fold in organic pumpkin puree and lots of spices, and then dot the ends with walnuts that have been candied with pure maple syrup.  The Classic Cannoli are just as good as ever, with their notes of organic citrus, locally brewed vanilla, and a hint of dark chocolate.  All filled shells are dusted with nonGMO powdered cane sugar.

My cannoli shells are made by hand, using organic unbleached flour and a hint of sweet organic wine.  They're fried in nonGMO, 100% expeller pressed sunflower oil, and then hand filled with my special cannoli cream (made with homemade organic ricotta, of course).  They're a three day process from start to finish, a labor of love, and disappear at an alarming rate once they've been filled.  If you're new to them, I hope you enjoy my versions as much as we do!

Please try to enjoy your cannoli as soon as possible.  They should be OK, kept chilled, for a few hours, but the longer they sit, the more chance that the shells will start to soften before you get to them.  I prefer a crispy crunch with my cannoli cream!  :)

(Pictures to come later this evening…)