Farm To Table Events

Gluten Free Retreat:

August 18-20, 2017

Please join me for a weekend of amazing food, relaxation, and fun while enjoying a gorgeous location!  This special event will be held at the idyllic Crystalwood Lodge, located 45 minutes north of Klamath Falls, OR.

Arrive the evening Friday, Aug 18
-Bean to Bar Lillie Belle organic chocolate tasting, followed up with a sample of Bonnie's 100% organic homemade artisan chocolate ice cream. (Jeff Shepherd, the owner of Lillie Belle Chocolates, makes many specialty bars straight from various cacao beans! The differences in flavor are incredible!)

Saturday, Aug 19:
-GF Sourdough Waffle Buffet (with homemade toppings galore!)

-GF Gourmet Pizza Lunch with fresh in season salads, homemade soda bar, and more!

-Afternoon Yoga Class, Hiking, Outdoor Recreation Opportunities (kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, etc), Private Reiki Sessions Available

-Farm to Table Casual Dinner 

This dinner will be a fun, relaxed, casual setting! Locally grown organic pasture raised pulled BBQ chicken and grass fed hamburger patties on Bonnie's famous gluten free buns, complete with farm to table topping options, salads featuring in season local produce, homemade cultured sauerkraut (kraut slaw is amazing with BBQ sandwiches!), homemade condiments, southwestern potato salad, local corn on the cob, assorted gourmet dessert options.

Sunday Aug 20:
-Outstandingly Awesome Gourmet Breakfast Buffet! 

Served from 8:00-9:00, check-out 10 am)
-Gluten Free Biscuits & Gravy (featuring local pasture raised pork sausage)
-In season local organic fruit salad
-Homemade Yogurt & GF Granola
-GF Doughnuts
-GF Toast w/homemade jam and cultured raw butter
-Local pastured raised nitrate free bacon
-Quiche with local organic pasture raised eggs 
...and more! It will be an amazing feast!

$247 per person (adult price, includes lodging and meals!!).

Children are welcome (ages 7 & older; ask about significantly reduced prices when calling to book your space). I will be baking a TON of amazing goodies, and will have a lot of extras for guests to take home for later, after the event! Some recipes will be provided as well.

Space is limited, so call today to guarantee your presence at this special gathering! It's rare to find such a great deal on a farm to table style event!! Call 866-381-2322 to make your reservation!
This is a wheat free weekend, but if you know Bonnie's style, you know that the focus is always on quality and flavor, and anything Gluten Free has to meet her standards! So even if you're not following a GF diet, you'll still thoroughly enjoy the food and have a fabulous time! There will be plenty of vegetarian options as well, but please let us know if you're a vegetarian so that we can make sure you're as spoiled as the carnivorous guests are!

Notes from Bonnie:  
(I think the examples above are pretty safe menus, but I reserve the right to change as necessary if the best local, organic products aren't available, and will update if necessary! The focus of this event is farm to table, and so 99% of the ingredients must be locally procured!)

Due to OLCC laws, we will not be serving alcohol, BUT you can totally bring your own!! For the chocolate tasting, I suggest a fruity red wine (12 Ranch Wines Syrah is a good one), a dessert friendly beer (like Klamath Basin Brewing's Vanilla Porter), and/or even a good whiskey. Beer or wine are both good options for Saturday's dinner, but if you prefer spirits, you're welcome to use what I'll be bringing to mix them with (I'll have some really tasty non alcoholic beverages available at all times, including my homemade syrups and fizzy water for sodas, organic juices, etc).

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