Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring 2015 CSB, Week 4

Hello, CSB members!  This week you're receiving an assortment of bars…not really bar cookies, but….

~Candy Cap Mushroom Cheesecake Bars:  These are so special.  They start with a crust made with organic graham crackers, organic maple syrup, and expeller pressed sunflower oil.  The filling is a classic cheesecake variety, except that I use cultured organic cream cheese and delicious organic eggs from local, pasture raised hens.  I grind up Candy Cap Mushrooms to flavor the rich filling.  Yes, MUSHROOMS!  Many of my clients have experienced these gems before; if this is your first time I'm willing to bet you'll agree that they are quite incredible (if you like cheesecake)!  Even my daughter, who hates mushrooms, loves anything made with Candy Caps.  They lend a butterscotch-y, maple-y flair, with notes of earthiness.  These bars must be kept refrigerated.  They are best enjoyed TODAY.  Freeze for longer storage.

~Bomb Bars:  Many people fall in love with the semi-classic seven layer magic bars.  Those cookies are so over processed, though…they're made with all kinds of processed ingredients, and I have never been able to jump on board with that baking style.  I had to create my own!  These start with a 100% whole grain oat crust and are topped with organic sweetened condensed milk, Lillie Belle dark chocolate, Callebaut white chocolate chunks, unsweetened dry coconut shreds, and walnuts.

~100% Whole Grain Fruit Bars:  I like to use my premade, home canned fillings for these delicious squares/rectangles.  I call them bars, but they're more like individual pie servings.  Topped with streusel, you will find one Rhubarb bar and two Apple bars in your bo
x.  Both the apples and rhubarb are locally grown and organic, from last summer's bounty.

Bomb Bars and Fruit Bars may be stored at room temp, or refrigerated, in their bakery box for up to one day.  Freeze for longer storage.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring 2015 CSB, Week 3

I hope you enjoy your boxes filled with assorted goodies!!  This week I went for total improvisation, baking whatever inspiration struck.  Included in your boxes are:

~French Macarons
These sweet sandwich cookies are made with ground almonds, egg whites, and nonGMO powdered sugar.  They're filled with a soft, silky, decadent Italian meringue buttercream.  Each box has one small Vanilla-Raspberry Macaron and one slightly larger Salted Caramel Macaron.

~Chocolate Dipped Handmade Marshmallows
Made with gelatin from sustainable raised, grass fed cows and locally brewed vanilla, these are dipped in organic Lillie Belle chocolate and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

~Organic Strawberry Meringues
Classic meringues with a generous amount of freeze dried organic strawberries added in!

~Homemade Twix Bars
Classic shortbread crust topped with handmade caramel and a layer of organic milk chocolate from Lillie Belle Farms!

~Meyer Lemon Tartlets
Pastry shell filled with tangy filling made from freshly squeezed organic meyer lemons!

~"To Die For" Brownie Bites
Made with organic raw cacao, organic dark chocolate from Lillie Belle Farms, homemade coffee liqueur, locally breed vanilla, a hint of spice, mini Guittard chocolate chips, and currants, these bites are delectable, super fudge, and addictive!

~Chocolate Caramel Crispy Treat
Envirokids chocolate crisp rice cereal mixed with homemade marshmallow and homemade caramel sauce!

All of these should be stored at room temperature and enjoyed in 2-3 days, with the exception of the strawberry meringue and the caramel crispy treat.  The meringue should be enjoyed right away, before it has a chance to get soft or chewy in this humidity, and the crispy square tends to absorb moisture after the first day as well.  Cheers!