Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paleo CSB, Week 2

It's been fun sharing some healthier goodies with clients via the Paleo CSB.  This second week is the last, as this club was an experiment to test the waters and get an idea for what kinds of things people might respond best to.  If you've participated, PLEASE give me honest feedback on the paleo cookies and today's tarts.  I appreciate it!!

Today each CSB member will be receiving 4 assorted tarts, valued at $5 each.

~Candy Cap Mushroom Tarts:  Even though the name sounds a bit odd (mushrooms?!?), candy caps are a perfect addition to many creamy sweets.  They lend a mild earthy flavor, along with notes of butterscotch and maple.  Even my mushroom hating daughter LOVES candy cap themed desserts!  These tarts feature an almond crust and a vegan soft candy cap mushroom flavored custard.  Ingredients:  Non-GMO soft tofu, almond meal, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic pure maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, candy cap mushrooms, organic pasture raised egg, locally brewed vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt.

~Maple Blueberry Tarts:  Every summer I fill my freezer with the best fruit I can get my hands on, and blueberries are no exception!  Last July my mom, kids, and I picked pounds upon pounds of amazing organic MacKenzie River grown Oregon blueberries, and those same gorgeous purple gems were used for these treats!
Ingredients:  Organic Oregon blueberries, organic pure maple syrup, almond meal, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic pasture raised egg, organic lemon juice, organic coconut sugar, citrus based pectin, sea salt.

~Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts:  Raw, paleo, vegan, gluten free.  I often pack these in the cooler to take along to my kids' taekwondo tournaments.  They provide the perfect energy dense pick-me-up for active bodies!  (They freeze exceptionally well too.) These decadently rich tarts feature a chocolate hazelnut crust and a super rich chocolate filling.
Ingredients:  Oregon hazelnuts, organic raw fair trade cacao, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic pure maple syrup, organic coconut milk, black cocoa powder*, locally brewed vanilla, sea salt.

*I chose to use some black cocoa powder in the chocolate hazelnut tarts because it lends such an incredibly rich flavor.  For special orders, I can certainly use all raw cacao, if a client prefers.  The flavor will be a bit more mild, and the color more brown than black.  In addition, all of these tarts can be made with a vegan, egg free crust…ask for details if you avoid consuming eggs!