Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

Gourmet layer cakes and cupcakes are, without question, the most popular items for special orders.  There are many examples featured throughout this site, but the most up-to-date pictures and descriptions are compiled on my Facebook page.  If you don't see a flavor that sounds perfect for you, just ask!  I specialize in creating items specifically tailored to my clients' individual tastes and party themes.

Available Sizes:
CUPCAKES:  Mini ($1.25-1.50 each), Regular ($2.50-3), Jumbo ($4+), minimum order requirements apply.  Gluten free cupcakes are .50 more per cupcake.
6-inch: 4 layer (serves 8+), $35
8-inch: 4 layer (serves 12+), $50
9-inch:  4 layer (serves 18+), $65
1/4 sheet (13"x9"): 2 layer (serves 20), $60
1/4 sheet 4 layer, $110
Other sizes and tiers also available.  Square cakes are two layers (6" and 9" available).
*Prices quoted are a basic guideline.  Gluten Free and other additions/substitutions may be an additional charge.  Please ask for more details and a specific quote.

Flavor Ideas: (If you don't see something you're looking for, just ask!)

Basic Cakes:
~Classic Chocolate
~Buttermilk Spice
~Extra Moist Chocolate
~Poppyseed (vanilla, lemon, or almond flavored)
~Champagne (made with REAL champagne, no artificial flavors)
~Marble (chocolate-vanilla swirl)
~Classic Gingerbread
~Vegan Chocolate (see below for more info)
*If you enjoy REALLY moist cake, please mention that when ordering!

~Nut Based:  Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter Creme
~Classic Fruit (apple spice, raspberry, cherry, mango, mixed berry, etc.)
~Buttercream (myriad of flavor options)
~Whipped Creme Fraiche (paired with fresh sliced fruit: bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blood orange segments, etc.)
~Lemon, Lime, or Orange Curd
~Mousse (lots of flavor options)
~Cookie or Candy Bar (i.e. Newman's Own version of "Oreos," peanut butter cups, etc.)
~SO many more!!

~Standard American Buttercream (powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla)- many flavors available
~French Buttercream (super smooth and soft, not as sweet as American)- many flavors available
~Italian Meringue Buttercream- many flavors available
~Ganache (glossy, smooth dark chocolate icing)
~Cream Cheese- many flavors available

Cake and icing flavors can be spiked with liqueurs and other special flavors as well, adding a hint of something special and taking a cake to the next level. Cupcakes can be filled  for a special surprise, if desired.  Let's get creative!!

I prefer using NATURALLY COLORED sprinkles and colorings.  These are better for the environment and for our bodies.  Of course, I also have traditional versions available as well.

I make my own homemade marshmallows, and can turn them into an awesome fondant for handmade decors and cupcake toppers!  I no longer offer fondant covered cakes, however.

Taste the difference!  I use really high quality ingredients (and I'm not just saying that!)...local, creamy, fresh milk from Organic Valley; local, pastured organic eggs; local grass fed butter; a special blend of unbleached pastry flour; Oregon-grown and milled whole grain flours from Camas Country Mill in Junction City, OR; organic, locally grown fruit; organic, locally made chocolate from Lillie Belle Farms in Central Point, OR; locally brewed vanilla from Singing Dog in Eugene, OR; the highest quality, most vibrant spices; and more!

Popular Cake/Cupcake Combinations:
*flavors subject to seasonal availability

~Strawberries & Cream:  vanilla cake, whipped creme fraiche, fresh, organic sliced strawberries, vanilla French buttercream, berries for decor

~Strawberries & Champagne:  champagne cake, whipped creme fraiche, fresh, sliced organic berries, champagne French buttercream, berries and cake sparkles/"bubbles" for decor

~Raspberries & Cream:  vanilla cake, whipped creme fraiche, fresh raspberries, vanilla French buttercream, raspberries for decor

~Berry Almond Poppyseed:  almond flavored poppyseed cake, whipped creme fraiche and fresh, organic berries, vanilla French buttercream, almonds, poppy seeds and fresh berries as decor (choose raspberry or strawberry)

~Mimosa:  vanilla-orange champagne cake, whipped creme fraiche, organic orange segments, orange-champagne French buttercream, candied organic oranges as decor.  Also great with blood oranges!

~Chocolate Decadence:  classic chocolate cake, chocolate pastry cream or chocolate mousse filling (your choice), vanilla French buttercream, dark chocolate ganache draping, chocolate shavings and chocolate pearls as decor

~Irish Cream Dream:  classic chocolate cake, handmade Irish cream pastry cream, Irish cream French buttercream, chocolate ganache draping (featuring Baileys Irish Cream)

~Boston Cream Pie:  vanilla cake, vanilla pastry cream, chocolate ganache draping (2 layer cake)

~German Chocolate:  German chocolate cake, handmade toasted organic coconut and pecan custard filling (entirely from scratch!!), chocolate ganache icing and piping

~Mint Chocolate:  classic chocolate cake, mint French buttercream, chocolate ganache draping (add crushed peppermint for the holidays!)

~Chocolate Saffron:  classic chocolate cake infused with Grand Marnier, saffron scented French buttercream, chocolate ganache drizzle

~Mexican Chocolate:  extra moist chocolate cake scented with warm, exotic spices, spiced chocolate French buttercream, chocolate sprinkles, homemade vanilla marshmallows as decor

~Chocolate Porter:  classic chocolate cake baked with locally brewed Vanilla Porter, caramel French buttercream, handmade caramel and chocolate ganache drizzle, chocolate sprinkles

~Salted Caramel:  classic chocolate cake, salted caramel French buttercream, caramel and ganache drizzle, smoked sea salt sprinkle (handmade, corn syrup free caramel)

~Chocolate-Caramel-Coconut:  classic chocolate cake, toasted coconut mousse filling, caramel French buttercream, chocolate ganache and caramel drizzle, toasted coconut as decor.  Peanuts optional!

~Chocolate Covered Oranges:  classic chocolate cake, whipped creme fraiche and organic orange segments, orange French buttercream, dark chocolate ganache drizzle, candied organic oranges

~Chocolate Covered Lemons:  extra moist chocolate cake, lemon curd filling, bright lemon French buttercream, chocolate ganache drizzle, candied organic lemon slices

~Chocolate Covered Strawberries:  classic chocolate cake, organic strawberry filling, strawberry French buttercream, chocolate ganache draping, berries as decor (also great with raspberries) 

~Cherry Cordial:  classic chocolate cake, spirited organic cherry filling, cherry French buttercream, chocolate ganache draping, organic fresh cherries as decor.  Make it "drunken" for even more of a flavor punch!

~Lemon Lover's:  lemon cake, lemon curd or lemon mousse filling (your choice), lemon French buttercream, candied organic lemon slices.  Also great with lemon poppyseed cake.

~Lavender Fields:  lavender scented cake, lavender infused pastry cream, lavender French buttercream, local lavender blossoms

~Lemon Lavender:  lemon cake with a hint of lavender, lemon mousse or lemon curd filling (your choice), lavender-infused French buttercream, local lavender blossoms, candied organic lemon slices

~Lemon Ginger:  lemon-ginger cake, lemon curd or lemon mousse filling (your choice), lemon-ginger French buttercream, candied lemon slices and candied ginger decors

~Kissed By A Rose:  rose scented cake, rose scented French buttercream, candied organic, local rose petals. 

~Persian Dream:  exotic cake scented with hints of lime, cardamom, and rose, French buttercream, crushed pistachios, candied local, organic rose petals

~Pumpkin Bliss:  classic chocolate cake, local pumpkin filling, pumpkin French buttercream, chocolate ganache draping, candied ginger decor

~Hazelnut Mocha:  classic chocolate cake baked with a hint of hazelnut liqueur, espresso French buttercream, chocolate-hazelnut ganache drizzle, toasted hazelnuts

~Natural Red Velvet:  naturally colored (beets) red velvet cake, organic cream cheese icing (cupcake)

~Fresh Lemon:  lemon cake, fresh lemon American buttercream, yellow sprinkles (cupcake), add strawberry filling if desired

~Classic Vanilla:  vanilla cake, vanilla American buttercream, sprinkles (cupcake)

~Raspberry Cream Cheese:  vanilla or chocolate cake (your choice), organic raspberry filling, organic raspberry cream cheese icing, fresh berry (in season) 

~Coconut, Green Tea & Ginger:  coconut naturally flavored cake with a subtle hint of ginger, green tea (matcha) cream cheese icing, candied ginger and organic toasted coconut as decor 

~Apple Pie a la Mode:  vanilla cake, spiced organic apple filling, vanilla American buttercream, cinnamon sprinkle.  (Add a pie pastry "cookie" as a topper for even more fun!)

~Pumpkin Spice:  buttermilk spice cake, local pumpkin filling, cream cheese icing, candied walnut (also stellar with apple filling instead of pumpkin) 

~Candy Bar Craze:  brown sugar cake, PB truffle filling, caramel American buttercream, mini all natural PB cups, toasted coconut, chocolate sprinkles

~Caramel Apple:  brown sugar cake, organic apple filling, caramel American buttercream, caramel drizzle

~Vanilla Latte: (vanilla cake, vanilla espresso French buttercream, chocolate covered espresso bean).  Make it a Vanilla Mocha, using chocolate cake instead!

~Snickerdoodle:  cinnamon-vanilla cake, cinnamon-vanilla French buttercream, cinnamon sugar sprinkle (add a mini snickerdoodle cookie to the top for more fun!)

~Peach Cobbler:  cinnamon scented cake, organic spiced peach filling, vanilla French buttercream, candied ginger

~Strawberry Shortcake:  vanilla cake, organic strawberry filling, whipped cream, fresh berry

~Maple Bacon:  buttermilk pancake flavored cupcake, organic maple syrup Italian meringue buttercream, crispy nitrate-free local bacon

~Pina Colada:  coconut flavored cake, pineapple filling, coconut American buttercream, toasted organic coconut

~Coconut Lime:  coconut flavored cake, lime curd filling, coconut-lime French buttercream with a subtle hint of ginger, candied ginger and toasted organic coconut

~PB Cup:  classic chocolate cake, organic peanut butter creme filling, PB French buttercream, ganache draping, PB cups (layer cake)

~Chocolate PB Cup (Cupcakes):  classic chocolate cake, peanut butter cream cheese icing, ganache drizzle, mini all natural pb cups

~Hostess Delight:  vanilla cake, vanilla creme filling, chocolate ganache, icing swirl (cupcake)

~Choco-nana:  classic chocolate cake, whipped creme fraiche with fresh, sliced bananas and caramel drizzle for the filling, chocolate French buttercream

~Banana Rum Cake:  vanilla cake baked with a hint of nutmeg and rum, whipped creme fraiche with fresh, sliced bananas and caramel drizzle for the filling, vanilla rum scented French buttercream, caramel drizzle and toasted walnuts as decor

~Strawberry Rhubarb:  vanilla cake, organic strawberry rhubarb or strawberry rhubarb mousse filling (your choice), strawberry rhubarb French buttercream, fresh berries as decor

~Strawberry Basil:  vanilla cake, organic strawberry filling with fresh, organic basil, strawberry basil French buttercream, fresh basil leaf

~Cherry Berry:  vanilla cake, organic cherry and mixed berry filling, cherry berry French buttercream

~Lemon Berry:  lemon cake, organic berry filling, berry-lemon French buttercream (choose raspberries or strawberries)

~Cookies & Creme:  chocolate cake, vanilla French buttercream with crushed organic chocolate sandwich cookies throughout, cookies as decor (Newman's Own "oreos")

~Chocolate Chip:  vanilla chocolate chip cake, chocolate chip vanilla French buttercream (made with mini Guittard chocolate chips).  Add a mini chocolate chip cookie as decor for even more fun!

~Gimme S'More:  classic chocolate cake, brown sugar French buttercream filling, chocolate American buttercream, toasted handmade marshmallow, organic graham cracker

~Tiramisu:  vanilla cake drizzled with brandy-spiked espresso syrup, fluffy Italian mascarpone filling with chocolate shavings, espresso French buttercream (with a hint of brandy), chocolate shavings, chocolate covered espresso bean(s) as decor.  Chocolate ganache draping optional.

~Sundae's Best:  marble cake (chocolate and vanilla swirled together), organic strawberry filling, vanilla American buttercream, ganache drizzle, naturally colored party sprinkles, all natural Oregon-grown Maraschino cherries

~Banana Split:  marbled chocolate and vanilla cake, banana mousse filling with chunks of organic strawberries, all natural maraschino cherries, and shaved chocolate, vanilla French buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, organic chocolate sprinkles, all natural maraschino cherries on top.  (Cupcake version differs slightly.)

~Funky Monkey:  classic chocolate cake, gooey banana filling (with notes of lime, rum, and nutmeg), coconut French buttercream (made with organic coconut milk), toasted coconut shreds, crispy banana chips.

~Classic Carrot:  whole grain carrot cake (original recipe), organic cream cheese icing, toasted walnuts and organic coconut as decor (2 layer cake)

~Coconut Carrot:  whole grain carrot cake (original recipe), coconut pastry cream filling, organic cream cheese icing, toasted organic coconut and walnuts as decor (2 layer cake)

I can make AWESOME whole grain cakes too!  Any flavor can be converted.  For kids' classes, I highly recommend whole grain Muffin Cakes (raspberry, blueberry, apple cinnamon, or carrot) with Organic Cream Cheese Icing.

GLUTEN FREE CAKES:  All of my cakes can be made with gluten free flour, and most of my icings can too.  I will not be able to tell the difference between a GF cake and a wheat-based one!  They are nothing short of incredible.  Additional charge applies.

I use organic, locally made Alden's Ice Cream as a filling (unless you specify your favorite ice cream brand/flavor instead), sandwiched between two layers of delicious cake, and iced with French buttercream.  Ask about flavor combo possibilities!  (Alden's Ice Cream includes:  Vanilla Bean, Cookies & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Strawberry, Blackberry, Mint Chip, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Butter Brittle and more, subject to local availability. Tillamook's peppermint ice cream is a favorite with chocolate cake around the holidays.)

VEGAN CAKE/CUPCAKES:  I offer a moist, delicious vegan chocolate cake that can be paired with various fillings and vegan "butter"cream frosting.  Popular vegan frosting flavors are Vanilla, Organic Raspberry, Coconut, Mint/Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate.  Coconut vegan French "butter"cream is also an option (made with organic coconut milk, soft and silky, not a sweet as typical buttercreams.  Not gluten free.).  Available as an 8" layer cake or cupcakes.  Made with organic unbleached flour, can be whole grain or gluten free upon request.

Flourless Chocolate Cake:  
~This is a rich, decadent treat, and a very popular item for special orders.  This cake is one 8" layer, iced with dark chocolate ganache, and is topped with sliced almonds, toasted organic coconut or both (your choice).  A whole POUND of organic chocolate from Lillie Belle Farms in Central Point, OR is used in this cake!  12 servings, $30.  Freezes and travels well, naturally gluten free.

Cupcake and Layer Cake Photo Examples:

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